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CROP-CASMA (Crop Condition and Soil Moisture Analytics) is a web-based geospatial application. This application is designed for users to utilize the remotely sensed geospatial soil moisture and vegetation index data derived from NASA SMAP and MODIS missions to assess conterminous U.S. crop vegetation and soil moisture conditions.

This application is funded by NASA and USDA-NASS. It is designed and developed by USDA-NASS and the Center for Spatial Information Science and Systems at George Mason University.


This document serves as a manual for users to use Crop-CASMA, a Web based crop condition monitoring application.


This document describes functions and usages of the user interface of the online application. It does not cover web services of the application. For information about the Web services of this application, please refer to the Developer's Guide available online at the application web site.


This document provides guidance to users of the CROP-CASMA application. Section 1 provides an introduction of the application and the Guide. Section 2 lists the references, definitions, and acronyms. Section 3 describes all data layers served on the online application server, including auxiliary data layers, crop vegetation and soil moisture data products and their derivative data products. Section 4 summarizes all application functions including data loading, AOI setting, map navigation and visualization, online data analysis, map creation, and data dissemination. Finally, Section 5 provides step-by-step operation instruction via various application examples.